Federal Manager's Daily Report

Following its most recent scorecard assessment for the

President’s Management Agenda, the Office of Management

and Budget has said agencies have made real progress in

becoming results oriented organizations but singled out the

Department of Energy and the Office of Personnel Management

for making the most progress since the PMA was launched in

August of 2001.

OMB praised DoE for knowing what skills it needs, working

to reduce gaps in those skills and for training and

rewarding individuals who achieve certification in an area

and then prove they can manage projects successfully.

DoE was also recognized for competing its financial

services and determining it was more cost-effective to

keep them in-house through consolidation and restructuring,

something that resulted in the elimination of 63 financial

services positions and could save $31 million over five


In addition to being a leader in E-Gov and IT management,

OPM is leading the government’s strategic management of

human capital initiative as well as setting a good example

in that area by judging employees according to the extent

their work contributes to agency objectives, says OMB.

It praised OPM for out bidding the private sector by keeping

its testing services in-house by paring it down, likely

saving $9 million over five years. OMB also mentioned that

OPM improves management in some programs by integrating

performance assessments into congressional budget requests

— and that to keep receiving high ratings in this area

OPM would need to, for example, continue examining the impact

its benefit programs have on employee recruitment and


OMB said agencies improved in about half of the 130 management

areas (twenty-six agencies are rated quarterly in five areas),

up from 15 percent two years ago.