Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Department of Energy has announced the reorganization

of its Office of Science to create a new organizational


structure — eliminating a layer of management, redefining

roles and responsibilities for headquarters and field

managers, and clarifying lines of authority and accountability.

DoE said the new SC (Office of Science) organization is

effective immediately even though full implementation will

take several months. The restructuring will not relocate

staff and there will be no involuntary separations or

reductions in force, provided administration budget requests

are met, said the department.

The changes entail new reporting relationships and modified

roles for SC organizations. The reorganization will remove

management between directors and site managers at the 10 SC

national labs and provide a set of integrated roles,

responsibilities, authorities, and accountabilities for

headquarters, nine laboratory site offices, and the Oak

Ridge and Chicago offices.

SC policy and direction as well as scientific program

development and management will be a headquarters

responsibility under the new system, while program execution

and implementation will be a field responsibility.

SC intends to keep employees and stakeholders informed about

the project at the OneSC website: