Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Office of Personnel Management is offering a five-day course to help federal manages improve their respective programs by leveraging IT, especially those managers responsible for getting their agency to green status for the “Expanded E-Government” President’s Management Agenda initiative.


The program, called “Expanded Electronic Government, Achieving the Vision,” focuses on identifying ways to simply and unify agency business processes and partner with other federal agencies to improve performance by integrating and eliminating redundant systems as a necessary first step before offering online services directly to citizens; Exploring ways to effectively communicate and partner with Chief Information Officers, agency program management staff, private sector partners and others; and, Learning about the requirements of the Executive Branch Management Scorecard, legislative and other related regulatory requirements associated with E-Government, among other ways to improve performance.

It takes place from Jan. 26 – 30, at the Western Management Development Center in Denver. Tuition is $2,600 and includes meals, lodging, and course materials. Find more info and register online.