Federal Manager's Daily Report

The EEOC has issued a call for presenters to its main annual training conference for EEO and HR professionals, the EXCEL (Examining Conflicts in Employment Law) conference, this year with the theme 2021 and Beyond: Best Practices for Employers.

The conference, to be held June 15-17, is to be a hybrid with some in-person sessions and others virtual. The call for speakers is only for virtual presentations.


“We are seeking EEO/HR professionals, industry consultants, academia, attorneys, professional speakers and trainers, and industry suppliers who can provide virtual training to expand the knowledge base of the attendee, presenting new twists on an old idea/practice, solutions to a new challenge, best practices or new trends,” an announcement said. “Attendees should leave with knowledge, ideas, tools and know-how that will help them succeed in their jobs and bring value to their organizations.”

Proposals for 1-hour presentations, including 15 minutes for questions, are due February 2. Instructions and other information are at eeoc.gov.

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