Federal Manager's Daily Report

The EEOC and the OPM have signed a joint memo highlighting revisions to OPM’s SF-256 form for self-reporting disabilities for purposes of anti-discrimination law and reporting requirements.

“The revised SF-256 was designed to assist federal agencies in increasing the employment of people with disabilities and particularly employees with targeted or severe disabilities,” the EEOC said in an announcement. “The revisions make it easier for employees with disabilities to self-identify during on-boarding or when their disability status changes during their career. The revisions also simplify the terminology within the form, better define the medical conditions listed, and allow employees to indicate they have a disability without having to specify their medical diagnosis.”

The joint memo also highlights other resources including the Federal Exchange on Employment & Disability, an interagency group managed through the Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment.

The memo follows a recent one to agencies from OPM calling attention to the form, which it said agencies can use to track their progress toward an EEOC-set goal of having employees with disabilities make up 12 percent of their workforces and having those with so-called “targeted” severe disabilities make up 2 percent.