Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has released a

fact sheet designed to help hiring officials and educate


disabled job applicants about Title I of the Americans

with Disabilities Act and how it protects the rights of

the disabled throughout the hiring process.

The fact sheet covers information about interviews, testing,

reasonable accommodations and medical information. It also

explains the ADA’s rules on when employers may seek medical

information from applicants. For example, before making a

job offer, the fact sheet says that an employer cannot

require a medical examination or ask questions that are

likely to reveal that an applicant has a disability,

according to EEOC.

The publication reviews the types of questions that are

prohibited during interviews and on applications, and

discusses what questions an employer may ask of applicants

with obvious disabilities, such as deafness or loss of a

limb, said EEOC. The fact sheet is available at http://www.eeoc.gov.