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The EEOC has said its main annual training conference for EEO, HR and alternative dispute resolution professionals, the EXCEL (Examining Conflicts in Employment Law) conference, this year will be held August 23-25, again virtually, with the theme of “25 Years Of Excellence.”

The EEOC has issued a call for speakers and presenters from among EEO and HR professionals, industry consultants, academics, attorneys, professional speakers and trainers, and industry suppliers “who can provide virtual education, training and professional development to expand the knowledge base of the attendees, and provide solutions to new challenges, best practices, or trends.”


“Topics of particular interest include diversity, equity, inclusion & accessibility; pay equity; racial and systemic discrimination; civil rights and the pandemic; retaliation; artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision-making tools; post-Bostock guidance on sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination,” it said.

“We also welcome topics related to investigations, federal sector processes, and conflict resolution. Other trending topics we will consider include COVID-19 related topics on vaccinations, accommodations, return to workplace issues, and recruiting, hiring and retaining employees during the “Great Resignation.’”

Proposals are due April 1. For instructions and other information, contact excelproposal@eeoc.gov.

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