Federal Manager's Daily Report

The EEOC will hold its annual Executive Leadership Training Conference October 29-31 in Charlottesville, Va., for senior federal agency leaders in the fields of equal employment opportunity, human resources and diversity and inclusion.

“Training will address key leadership competencies; personal development and critically important topics vital to the success of current and future executives–particularly senior EEO officials for federal, state and local governments; private sector EEO executives; HR executives with responsibility for managing and implementing an EEO program; as well as those striving to attain senior level positions,” the EEOC said.

Sessions will address topics including political savvy, managing up, using creativity in problem solving, leadership and innovation, values-based leadership and building teamwork.

Registration is limited to GS-14 and above, as well as GS-13 level employees who “demonstrate exceptional potential for leadership.” Registration and other information is on the EEOC site.