Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission publishes new

content on its website through an “RSS” feed, an Internet


format designating certain kinds of content on a website

–and part of a growing trend used by Internet blogs and

websites as more and more people begin using news

aggregators, which troll the web looking for RSS, to stay

on top of information.

People who want to be notified of updated content on the

EEOC website without having to go to the site and actually

check it, can subscribe to its RSS URL by cutting and

pasting it into a program such as Net News Wire, or Newz

Crawler, which regularly scan the web for new content and

drop a headline and description into an inbox when found.

The technology has been around for several years but is only

now being adopted by major publications such as Wired.

Internet blogs such as the popular Gawker website are XML

based and can be monitored with an aggregator.

“Right now RSS is going through a boom among technical types

but hasn’t yet caught on with the average Internet user, but

it will in six months or a year from now when there is going

to be a leap in the amount of use to where it becomes a

benefit to offer that feed,” says IT specialist and senior

web master for EEOC, Adam Guasch-Melendez.

The technology could be used by organizations to keep everybody

on the same page, though as for its usefulness right now, that

would depend on whether employees have readers, which are

inexpensive, simple to use and likely to catch on rapidly as

they are incorporated into future updates of web browsers and

as blogs take on a more prevalent role on the Internet.