Federal Manager's Daily Report

Image: fizkes/Shutterstock.com

To make substantial, lasting improvements in employee engagement management must treat the effort as a “year round priority and a process of continuous improvement,” a blog posting by the Partnership for Public Service says.

“Employee engagement is not a foreign topic to today’s federal leaders, but it is an area where they often struggle to find ways of making enduring progress and reaping the performance benefits. The challenge is avoiding the tendency of making engagement a priority only when it’s time to survey employees or analyze results,” it says.


It cited NASA—the top agency in its category in the Partnership’s annual best places in government to work ratings for eight straight years—as soliciting “candid employee feedback at multiple times throughout the year” that produces positive results from even smaller improvements such as in the availability of parking.

It also cited GSA management’s view of engagement as a continuous process “where the impact of employee engagement is considered in management decisions to the same degree as budgetary or other operational aspects.”