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The annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey will be rolled out over the next two weeks, OPM has said in its annual message asking agencies to encourage their employees to participate.

The startup returns the survey to its traditional schedule after it was delayed to the fall of 2020 by the onset of the pandemic and the 2021 survey also was conducted in the fall of that year. “While compressed, this schedule supports agency satisfaction of statutory requirements and allows agencies to track results on important metrics,” OPM said in a memo.


“As we near the 2022 OPM FEVS, please show employees your support for the survey. Promptly share the results of the 2021 survey and alert them to the upcoming 2022 survey. Tell employees about steps being taken to address feedback from prior OPM FEVS. When employees see results are shared and used, it sends a powerful message that leadership values and responds to employee opinions,” it says.

Response rates to the survey have been an ongoing concern for years, raising questions of reliability of the data; the rate slipped from 46 to 44 percent over 2017-2020 before dropping to 34 percent in 2021. OPM noted that the upcoming survey will continue the practice started last year of sending the survey to part-time employees and those serving on other than permanent appointments.

Also to continue are questions first introduced in 2020 regarding employee views of their agency’s response to the pandemic, including issues related to telework and health and safety protections.

“The 2022 survey also features new and timely content responsive to government and agency initiatives such as items on diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, and measures of innovation, customer responsiveness, resilience/adaptability, work quality, and participative decision-making” reflecting Biden administration priorities as reflected in various orders and the President’s Management Agenda, OPM said.

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