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OPM’s report on results of the 2021 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey shows that in general, employees of the smallest agencies are the more satisfied and engaged and have the highest views of their agency’s service to the public—and that ratings by all those measures tend to decline with each successively larger employment category.

The survey breaks agencies into five categories: very small (less than 100); small (100-99); medium (1,000-9,999); large (10,000-74,998) and very large (75,000 plus). Responses from the latter category tend to dominate the overall results because they account for such a high percentage of the overall workforce.


For example, the overall employee engagement index score was 71, the satisfaction index 64, and the “performance confidence index” 85, in each case just 1 point higher than the very large agency category’s collective score.

But within all three indexes, scores were highest in the small agency category and generally declined at each size category going up. In the engagement index, the sequence was 81-76-77-73-70; in the satisfaction index, 77-70-71-67-63; and in the performance confidence index, 94-91-90-86-84.

The OPM report did not address potential reasons for the differences.

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