Federal Manager's Daily Report

Among the bills that have been readied for voting in the full Senate are:

* S-1148, which would give preferential treatment in hiring for FAA air traffic control positions to military veterans who have graduated from an FAA Collegiate Training Initiative school and end a policy that sponsors say has had the unintended effect of limiting the number of candidates who can be considered.


* S-1349, to exempt persons holding active security clearances from undergoing a second check when applying for TSA PreCheck; they would still be subject to other program requirements, including paying all applicable fees, and participants would still have to pass through airport security.

* S-1874, to require the GSA to procure the most energy efficient lighting products and to issue guidance to agencies on using such products.

* S-2119, to bar agencies from paying bonuses to an employee for five years after the agency makes an “adverse finding” including a violation of a workplace policy for which the employee could be terminated or suspended for at least 14 days, or when an employee violates a law for which they could be imprisoned for more than a year.

* S-2177, to require the government to make public the details, costs, and assessments related to every federal program.

* HR-1420, already passed by the House, which would require agencies to coordinate with OMB and EPA on a strategy to purchase, maintain and use energy-efficient information technologies at their owned or operated facilities.