Federal Manager's Daily Report

The EPA has reverted to contract terms in effect before the 2018 Trump administration orders restricting the matters on which agencies would agree to bargain, joining the VA among major agencies making that change as ordered by the Biden administration.

According to the AFGE union, that will mean going back to terms negotiated in 2007 on issues including negotiated grievance and arbitration procedures, official time, union office space, and employee performance evaluations.” It said that provisions ratified in 2020 regarding telework and work schedules will remain in effect, although that does not change the agency’s current practices in reaction to the pandemic.


AFGE said that it and EPA will review the 2007 contract to “to determine what provisions will be enforced as part of the interim agreement, which will remain in place until the full contract is renegotiated.”

“This interim agreement restores employees’ right to full representation at the worksite and will make it possible for employees through their union representatives to resolve any issues they encounter. This is a huge step in the right direction, and the union won’t stop fighting until we eliminate all of the anti-labor provisions forced on us by the previous administration,” it said.

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