Excess IT Donation Program Needs Tighter Control, Says Report

GSA’s Computers For Learning program through which schools and educational nonprofit organizations may request IT equipment that agencies have declared excess “is susceptible to fraud and misuse,” an IG report has said.

The report said that in the 12 months ending with June 2016, agencies donated equipment with an original cost of more than $64 million to the program. In order to qualify, prospective recipients must register on the website and provide general identifying and demographic information about their organization.

The donating agencies are responsible for checking eligibility. However, the IG said that “some agencies are not aware of this responsibility.” It said that during that 12-month period, 22 percent of the equipment donated to recipients registered as educational nonprofits went to ineligible organizations.

GSA agreed with recommendations that it develop controls to prevent ineligible organizations from accessing site and that donating agencies be informed of their responsibility to validate an organization’s eligibility.