Federal Manager's Daily Report

Federal Executive Boards in 2019 continued their emphasis on emergency preparedness, safety and security—hosting 14 exercises with over 900 participants, and 43 training workshops with over 2,900—and on employee career development—providing training opportunities to 18,500 employees—according to the boards’ latest annual report.

There are 28 FEBs nationwide, centered in major cities and some smaller ones with large federal populations. Apart from preparedness and training, a main responsibility is coordination with state and local officials during events that in 2019 included “active shooter, championship parades, hurricanes (Barry and Dorian), flood, ice, power outage, protest, snow, tornado, trial verdict, tropical storm (Imelda), water outage, wildfires, and winter storm/weather.”


The boards, consisting of executives of the differing agencies in an area, also sponsor activities including the Combined Federal Campaign, food donation and blood donation drives, awards programs, alternative dispute resolution programs and hiring fairs.

The report also included results of a survey of FEB board members, showing that more than 90 percent agreed or strongly agreed that the programs help them make connections that they wouldn’t otherwise have made with other organizations and that help them in their leadership roles, that employees gained skills or information that helped them in their work, and that involvement with the programs benefits their agencies.

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