Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Postal Service could increase its revenue from passport services, based on a pilot project that has been a success, the USPS IG has said.

The USPS is authorized to accept passport applications on behalf of the State Department, where it then sends them for approval. USPS accepted 5.2 million applications in 2014, earning $129 million in revenue, said the report.


With the number of passport applications continuing to rise, it said, USPS could widely apply lessons learned in a pilot project using five post offices as passport centers with expanded service hours and staff dedicated to facilitating the process. Revenue at those centers increased by 150 percent, and there are some 181 other post offices that have attributes in common with those centers. Commonly these are near either a shopping center or a border, and their revenue from passports already is growing, it said.

USPS also could draw more revenue from expanding the number of facilities that take passport photos, it said, especially if it makes its price more competitive; currently USPS charges $15, substantially above other providers.