Federal Manager's Daily Report

The FDIC is effectively using an internship program and agency hiring events in filling entry-level positions, an issue common to federal agencies, according to a blog posting by the Partnership for Public Service.

It said that the FDIC offers two internship tracks through the Pathways Program authority, one offering a paid summer internship for college students majoring in finance or business and another that offers part-time work year-round to such students in local agency offices.


In the last six years, about two-fifths of entry-level examiners has participated in those programs, it said.

The Partnership also cited a program in which the FDIC invites qualified applicants to jobs posted on USAJOBS to events at headquarters in which they meet with hiring managers, are briefed on what the agency does, complete assessments in math and financial analysis, and give an oral presentation.

“The hiring staff compares notes and assessments scores for each candidate and shares them with agency executives who review the candidates’ performance and extend job offers,” it said.

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