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A large container ship being piloted at the Norfolk VA shipyard. The Navy also depends on public shipyards in Virginia, Maine, Washington and Hawaii for maintenance - all of which have been in continuous operation for well over 100 years. Image: Jeffery Stone/Shutterstock.com

The Federal Managers Association is urging that federal agency facilities not be left out of any nationwide infrastructure improvement initiative, saying many federal installations have “critical needs.”

The comment, in an online posting, follows recent release by House Democratic leadership of a proposed package of $760 billion in improvements to airports, roads, bridges, electrical grids and other infrastructure—and just in advance of the fiscal 2021 budget proposal from President Trump, who has often called for an infrastructure initiative, most recently in this week’s State of the Union speech.


The FMA noted that the GAO has reported, for example, that public shipyards overall are in poor condition and the Navy “currently estimates $21 billion over twenty years for dry dock investment, facilities layout and optimization investment, and capital equipment investment at the shipyards.”

“In addition to the shipyard concerns, modernization and repair of aging and damaged facilities within the Air Force command, the Marine Corps, and others will be costly. However, the costs of not making these investments will undoubtedly be much greater, including higher labor and materials costs for re-work,” it said.

FMA added that “it is important to note that restoration and modernization, including information technology, are issues that apply to agencies across the federal government, including the Social Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, and others – not simply the Department of Defense.”

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