Federal Manager's Daily Report

The General Services Administration has made available a Federal Manger’s Emergency Preparedness Guide for decision makers responsible for the continued functioning of their agency and the safety of their employees in the face of an emergency such as a terrorist attack or natural disaster. It would be a good idea, however, for all federal supervisors and managers to review these policies and procedures.


Mangers will receive confirmed reports by their text-enabled personal electronic devices, from the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Office of Personnel Management and GSA, on the progress of emergency situations, which will tell them what to do.

Federal agencies operating from buildings managed by GSA have to establish an Occupant Emergency Plan to act as a short term emergency response program, says GSA, which offers a guide to develop an OEP at: www.gsa.gov.

Managers will be looked to for support during an emergency and should rehearse emergency procedures with their employees on a regular basis, the guide says.

Managers can also contact the Federal Protective Services at DHS and have them survey their building and make recommendations. GSA also recommends that managers read their agency’s OEP, designate a person(s) to account for all employees or act has hall monitors (and have back-ups in place), determine the protocol for shutting down the ventilation system in the event of a biological or chemical attack, and educate employees.

For additional management resources to prepare for emergency situations, go to http://www.opm.gov/News_Events.