Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Partnership for Public Service has chosen 26 federal employees or teams from across 20 agencies as the finalists for the annual Service to America Awards, or Sammies, with winners to be announced in October.

There are seven categories, including a career achievement award that has now been named for Paul Volcker, former Federal Reserve Board chairman and a long-time proponent of good government.


“The 2019 finalists’ achievements include pioneering and perfecting a modeling program that predicts where people lost at sea will be found, cutting search and rescue times and saving thousands of lives; implementing facial recognition systems that simplify and fortify airport security; developing a way to quickly locate and assist chronic healthcare patients who are at risk of losing life-sustaining equipment due to widespread power outages; and uncovering and prosecuting the largest bribery and corruption scandal in the history of the U.S. Navy,” said the announcement

“Other finalists include those who have revolutionized scientific research and our understanding of the long-term effects of concussions in veterans and athletes; transformed the historic Kennedy Space Center into a globally distinguished multiuser launch site for government and commercial space exploration; discovered six different genetic origins of kidney cancer and provided the foundation for the development of targeted therapies that have saved thousands of lives; and strengthened our nation’s defenses against nuclear and radioactive threats by developing performance standards and tests for detection systems that screen nearly 7 million cargo containers entering U.S. seaports each year.”

The names and descriptions of the work of the finalists are at https://servicetoamericamedals.org.