Federal Manager's Daily Report

The CFO Council has issued a roadmap for career progression of financial assistance management professionals in government.

“Developing a quality financial assistance workforce continues to be a major management challenge in most agencies. There is a need to better define competencies and provide training for grants specialists, program and project managers, policy advisors, financial analysts, and other job series with grants management responsibilities,” the council said.

A report on the council’s site is the result of work involving OMB and industrial/organizational psychologists who sought to identify and document the competencies needed for successful job performance of financial assistance management professionals across various organizations in the government.

The next step will be publication of an interactive tool that will allow agencies and individuals to use the roadmap’s elements “as building blocks to customize a version that best fits the needs of their financial assistance management workforce. Federal agencies will be able to create a career roadmap that applies to any position with financial assistance management responsibilities in their agency,” it said.