Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Commerce Department continues to fall short in managing its motor vehicle fleet 10 years after an IG report pointed out that problem and still “is not ensuring that the $10 million-per-year program is efficient and effective,” according to a new report.

The report recounted that after the 2010 report found that the department lacked internal controls, it took steps including adding a fleet management component to its personal property management system. The department’s fleet currently consists of about 2,200 vehicles, of which it owns 430 and leases the rest from GSA.


Problems identified in the new report include that the department’s inventory “is unreliable due to inaccuracies and incompleteness.” For example, auditors found vehicles listed in the system multiple times, vehicles that never were listed in the system, and one case in which a vehicle was retired and replaced but the change was not recorded until five years later.

Other issues included that justifications for special vehicle features—including leather interiors and more powerful engines—were not specified; and that the department does not consistently document vehicle usage—there were no records of usage of nine of 20 vehicles in a sample of those used more than 14,000 miles per year—or determine its optimal inventory.

It said management “agreed with all of our recommendations and described actions it has taken, or will take, to address them.”

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