Federal Manager's Daily Report

The FLRA has added two day-long sessions on arbitration training and negotiability training, since its earlier announced sessions quickly reach capacity.

The arbitration training covers: federal sector arbitration and the negotiated grievance procedure; compliance with arbitration awards, arbitral retention of jurisdiction, and interlocutory appeals; filing arbitration exceptions and oppositions with the Authority; the grounds for reviewing arbitration awards; management rights exceptions; arbitral enforcement of, and consistency of awards with, regulations; arbitral remedies and back pay; attorney fees; and judicial review of Authority arbitration decisions.

The negotiability training covers: the negotiability process, including the parties’ filings, alternative dispute resolution, and procedural requirements and deficiencies; bases for dismissing petitions for review; and substantive issues, including conditions of employment, management rights, procedures, appropriate arrangements, applicable laws, and bargaining – obligation disputes.

The former will be held August 3 and the latter August 4 at FLRA headquarters in Washington, D.C. Registration and other information is on the FLRA site.