Federal Manager's Daily Report

The FLRA has compiled and posted on its site short-hand digests of its decisions to help “members of the federal labor-management community to identify more quickly and efficiently the decisions that interest them.”

In contrast to the full decisions, which can be lengthy and delve deeply into technical issues, the digests—at https://www.flra.gov/decisions/quarterly-digest-authority-decisions—summarize the issues and outcome in a few paragraphs.


The FLRA said under its strategic plan’s goal to provide “clearly articulated written work products,” it also has “focused in the first few paragraphs of each Authority decision as a place to provide a brief synopsis of the most pertinent principles in the decision. This uniform structure should help customers understand a decision’s significance or relevance to them without needing to read the entire decision.”

It added: “Parties are reminded, however, that the descriptions contained in the digests are for informational purposes only, do not constitute legal precedent, and are not intended to be a substitute for the opinion of the Authority.”

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