Federal Manager's Daily Report

The FLRA has posted online the first of quarterly case digests summarizing decisions it issues in labor-management disputes, part of an initiative in its strategic plan to make those decisions more easily accessible.

The agency said it “expects that case-summary digests will provide additional, easy-to-understand guidance for its customers. While the digests are not part of the official decisions, it is our hope that these summaries will be a valuable tool for researchers and members of the federal labor-management community to allow them to more quickly and efficiently identify decisions of interest to them.”


The first covers decisions issued in the first three months of calendar year 2019, with the intent of posting those covering subsequent quarters soon. Beginning in 2020, the authority will post each new decision with an accompanying digest.

The agency said its strategic plan “also includes a renewed emphasis on clearly articulated written work products. As part of this effort, the Authority has particularly focused on the first few paragraphs of each Authority decision – also known as the Statement of the Case – as a place to provide a brief synopsis of the most pertinent principles in the decision. This uniform structure should also help customers understand the significance or relevance of the decision to them without needing to read the entire decision.”