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The Biden administration’s guidance on long-term policies for telework, remote work and alternative working schedules says that “it is important to consider how traditional performance management procedures can be applied in an environment where both managers and employees may be teleworking more, and remote workers may be more common.”

A section of the joint OMB-OPM-GSA memo specifically from OPM says that in monitoring employee performance, “managers should consider increasing the level of engagement with employees, both in individual and team settings, due to the disruption in employees’ lives caused by the transition to a post-reentry environment.”


And when evaluating performance, “agencies can best align employee performance management to organizational performance in the post-reentry work environment by evaluating employees based on written standards, which should be based upon factors such as outcomes and results or quality,” it says.

“Agencies can best support the evolution to the post-reentry work environment by guiding managers to understand that for many government jobs, whether the employee is working in the office, teleworking on a part-time or full-time basis, or based remotely is not relevant to performance evaluation,” it says.

“Whether the employee is working a maxiflex schedule or other flexible work schedule is similarly not relevant, if the employee is consistently producing results at the level of fully successful (or its equivalent) or above,” it says.

It adds that agencies should require managers to “treat all employees fairly and equitably. Supervisors must evaluate employees against their written standards no matter their work schedule or work arrangement. Agencies can prioritize additional training to assist managers and employees in adapting to the new work environment. Agencies can also review performance standards to ensure that they measure outcomes and results.”

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