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MSPB Warns of Impact on Federal Employees of Working through Pandemic

The Bureau of Prisons has ordered tightened screening of employees arriving for work after an IG review found that a facility was not fully enforcing those requirements, “jeopardizing the safety and security of the institution, inmates, and other staff.”

A management advisory said that “multiple OIG investigations have identified staff involvement in the introduction of contraband at BoP facilities, and the OIG has repeatedly identified the importance of an effective staff search policy as central to preventing such conduct.”


However, in reviewing video in connection with an investigation into introduction of contraband at one facility, the IG “found that staff, carrying personal items, were allowed to enter the facility during the night shift by walking around the metal detector and without being searched.”

“We were told that it is only during the low manning times of the night shift that staff are permitted to circumvent the search policy upon entering the institution. However, because the facility is not a minimum-security facility, all staff and their belongings are required to be searched by electronic means before entry. There is no exception in the BoP’s policy for staff that enter during the night shift or during other times when staffing is low,” it said.

The report said that in response to a draft of the report, the BoP issued a directive to all facility chief executive officers documenting the agency’s expectations regarding entrance procedures, a step the IG said was responsive to its concerns.

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