Federal Manager's Daily Report

The strategic planning practices agencies have in place for

managing IT are not always linked to specific performance


measures that are tracked, the General Accounting Office has


It said the use of 12 IT planning and measurement practices

it looked at across several agencies are uneven and

insufficient to determine if efforts lead to expected results.

After looking at 18 IT investment management practices, it

found that while agencies generally do have IT management

boards in place, they often lack key investment controls.

Such executive-level oversight of project level management

is a way agencies can ensure that investments lead to cost,

benefit and schedule results, said GAO.

Agencies gave GAO a range of reasons for not having those

practices fully in place, such as a lack of requirements to

do so in guidance, that they are in a process of transition,

or that certain critical jobs were vacant, such as that of

chief information officer.