Federal Manager's Daily Report

Guidance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the

Office of Personnel Management regarding continuity of


operations plans needs to address human capital considerations

related to resuming broader agency operations in the immediate

aftermath of a crisis, the General Accounting Office has said.

It said that while some federal executive boards already play

an active role in coordinating such efforts, the current

context in which FEBs operate, including the lack of a clearly

defined role and varying capacities among FEBs, could lead

to inconsistent levels of preparedness across the nation.

GAO recommended that FEMA and OPM more clearly define the role

FEBs play in improving emergency preparedness coordination and

address any resulting capacity issues, as well as human

capital considerations.

FEMA agreed with the recommendations — but OPM said its

guidance already incorporates the key actions and highlighted

its leadership role with respect to FEBs, said GAO,

maintaining that OPM has opportunities to address a fuller

range of human capital considerations.

For example, it said, guidance should instill an approach to

continuity planning to allocate resources and set policies,

set direction and pace of recovery, integrate continuity

efforts with broader decision making, consider how continuity

investments benefit other program efforts, sustain the

contribution of employees associated with essential operations,

maintain organizational knowledge of staffing requirements

and availability, and establish roles, responsibilities and