Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Federal Aviation Administration is up against “significant

and long-standing systemic management challenges” that make it


difficult to achieve even modest changes, though it has shown

some promising results thus far, the General Accounting Office

has said.

It said that to meet new challenges presented by increasing air

traffic and budgetary constraints — FAA’s transportation tax

revenues have declined steadily as its budget has increased —

and reform efforts, FAA needs to lock down a well-articulated

and compelling mission, form strategic partnerships, focus on

the needs of clients and customers, and manage people


FAA continues to have cost schedule and performance problems

nine years after Congress granted it personnel and acquisition

reforms, said GAO.

It said FAA’s most current reform effort, its air traffic

organization (ATO), takes a performance management approach to

air traffic control modernization and is just now being put in

place and, that “cost-cutting and cost-control” should be



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