Federal Manager's Daily Report

The GAO has credited the GSA with carrying out four of its eight high-priority recommendations for the agency over the last year while not adding any new ones to the latest listing.

Among the actions GAO cited were pushing for authority to loan unobligated Federal Buildings Fund balances to agencies to cover tenants’ improvement costs that would otherwise have to be financed for new leases; gaining a better understanding of the effect of design choices on operations and maintenance costs; gaining a better understanding of its cybersecurity risks and other risks; and establishing a process for conducting an organization-wide cybersecurity risk assessment.


Two of the four high-priority recommendations still outstanding involve the long-running DHS headquarters consolidation project. A third involves inaccuracies in a publicly accessible database of federal real estate and the fourth involves the data GSA uses to calculate reported cost savings for GSA’s broker program.

The GAO also noted that management of federal real property is on its high-risk list and that several other items on that list also have implications for GSA, including management of IT acquisitions, human capital management, cybersecurity and the security clearance process.

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