Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Department of Defense needs to implement further controls

in its defense acquisitions process even though its revised


policy emphasizes practices similar to those used by

successful private sector companies such as mandating

certain knowledge requirements to justify decisions and a

commitment to a malleable acquisitions process, the General

Accounting Office has said.

DOD added guidance in May of 2003 on how weapon systems

acquisitions should be managed in order to reduce the risk

of cost and schedule overruns as it prepares to invest over

$1 trillion from fiscal years 2003 to 2009. GAO says that

although it has made significant progress in doing so,

without controls in the form of measurable criteria that

decision makers must consider, DOD runs the risk of making

decisions based on overly optimistic assumptions.

GAO recommended that the Secretary of Defense require

additional controls ensuring that decisions are properly

informed at every stage of the acquisitions process. DOD

partially agreed with GAO’s recommendation.

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