Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Army and Air National Guards are generally on par in carrying out disciplinary procedures against senior officers and sufficiently protecting whistleblowers, the General Accounting Office has said, despite a recent history of media coverage to the contrary.


It said both guards have nearly eliminated truancy from required training, that senior guard officers promoted by their state are verifiably qualified for their grade and position (past analysis has revealed that between 3 and 7 percent of officers were denied recognition as generals due to the system in place), that both guards are effectively taking action against senior officers (57 of 76 officers reviewed received administrative action, 3 resigned or retired at the request of their commanders, 6 had no action taken against them, and 10 were closed cases regarding likely insignificant allegations).

Whistle blowers are protected through a process of investigation and administrative review and GAO found that most of the issues involving reprisal against whistleblowers whom it investigated resulted in disciplinary action. However, GAO noted that whistleblower protections to not extend to civilian federal employees of the guard. Get Document