Federal Manager's Daily Report

In a report largely mirroring one from early this year and more recent testimony regarding the State Department, GAO has found that while the percentage of women and minorities in the USAID workforce has increased in recent years they remain substantially under-represented at higher levels.

The GAO said that over 2002-2018, the percentage of employees identifying as minorities rose from 33 to 37 percent—putting it on par with the federal workforce overall—largely driven by an increase in employees identifying as Hispanic by 3 percentage points to 6 percent. On the civil service side minorities were slightly under-represented at the top two levels but on the foreign service side they were significantly under-represented at the top four levels.


GAO meanwhile found significantly lower rates of promotions for minorities in early to mid-career on the civil service side but the differences were not statistically significant on the foreign service side.

The percentage of women meanwhile increased from 51 to 54 percent, compared with 43 percent in the federal workforce overall. They were under-represented only at the executive level on the civil service side, with 43 percent, but at the top four levels on the foreign service side, ranging between 42 and 53 percent.

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