Federal Manager's Daily Report

The GAO has issued a technology readiness assessment guide for government science and technology projects “to help ensure that cutting-edge technologies used in major government projects, including weapon systems, satellites, nuclear plants, and homeland security systems, are up to the job and can be deployed with a minimum of risk.”

The guide, which GAO said is based on its years of observations of common causes of delays, overruns and performance problems, is the third in a “best practices” series, following a schedule assessment guide and a cost estimating and assessment guide


“GAO’s new technology readiness assessment guide will assist professionals working on government projects — from program managers and system engineers to auditors — to evaluate whether a given technology is mature enough to be used confidently in a new product or system,” said GAO. “We believe that our guide has great potential to help the government avoid the serious technology and management problems that have plagued some of its most expensive acquisitions in the past.”

The guide includes a methodology for evaluating technology maturity based on best practices that GAO said can be used government-wide and across projects of all sizes; case studies drawn from GAO reviews; and a process for developing and producing high-quality technology readiness assessments.

The Technology Readiness Assessment Guide is available without charge at gao.gov.