Federal Manager's Daily Report

GAO has said that its work resulted in nearly $78 billion in financial benefits for the government in fiscal 2020, a return of $114 for every $1 the GAO itself spends, and the eighth time in the last nine years it has produced a return of at least $100 to $1.

Among the example cited in GAO’s latest performance and accountability report are more than $29 billion in savings related to revisions to Medicaid and $13 billion related to the termination of an Energy Department project to dispose of plutonium.


In the area of agency operations, GAO cited the impact of its recommendations on VA recruitment and retention of medical professionals; preventing and recouping improper payments; the financial viability of the USPS; NASA’s creation of a business case for the planned return of astronauts to the Moon; and improvements in agency financial management.

Priorities for the future, it said, include continued monitoring of the government’s response to the pandemic, assessments of the impact of new technologies on society, cybersecurity threats to federal agencies and elsewhere, and improving the government’s management and delivery of health care.