Federal Manager's Daily Report

The potential for more collaboration exists among four

Office of Management and Budget sponsored e-Government

initiatives and their partner agencies and stakeholders,

the General Accounting Office has said.

It said although the four initiatives have taken steps to

promote collaboration among partner agencies, rapid

development has resulted in limited collaboration,

potentially undermining objectives.

The Office of Personnel Management, which is trying to

establish government-wide payroll processing standards, has

not addressed the concerns of a key stakeholder that will be

required to make changes to its payroll processes and

policies, said Congress’ fiscal watchdog.

Some of GAO’s findings: The Department of the Interior, which

is trying to compile a comprehensive inventory of geospatial

data holdings, has not taken steps to ensure that key

stakeholders at the state and local levels are involved.

The General Services Administration has not involved the

chief financial officers of partner agencies in its effort

to establish its Integrated Acquisition Environment. The

Small Business Administration has not taken key steps to

facilitate effective collaboration with its partners and

stakeholders, such as establishing a collaborative

decision-making process and partner roles and responsibilities

in its efforts to set up its Business Gateway.

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