Federal Manager's Daily Report

GAO has raised concerns about real estate leases issued by agencies under authority delegated by GSA, finding problems including incomplete data on those leases and a lack of oversight by GSA.

The report follows earlier audits of the program finding that the available information on the leases was insufficient to determine whether the government is receiving a fair and reasonable price. It said that while there have been improvements, problems remain, including incorrect information in GSA’s database of lease value and rates.


Also, it said, GSA is not reconciling that data with a separate dataset of government-wide real property as its own procedures require, and that until it does, “it is not obtaining the intended benefits of this data validation exercise.”

Further, GSA “does not know if agencies have the ability to manage their delegated leasing activities because it does not regularly assess their policies and procedures, or their performance in meeting GSA’s management goals, such as avoiding extensions.” It said that GSA had only reviewed 1 percent of the post lease award documents agencies had submitted, and in some cases, agencies had not submitted required documentation.