Federal Manager's Daily Report

In the face of the federal government’s evolution, accelerating since the 9/11 tragedy, the General Accounting Office has release a report to help managers improve accountability and effectiveness by pursuing results-oriented personnel management.

The report, based on testimonies, reviews of studies by leading work force planning organizations and interviews with senior officials at the Office of Personnel Management and other agencies, describes key principles of strategic work force planning and provides illustrative examples from agency experiences, according to GAO.

Agencies have individual needs, but GAO cited five common principles in the report that strategic work force planning should entail: (1) the involvement of top management, employees and stakeholders in the development and execution of the plan; (2) determining the skills and competencies needed now and in the future; (3) developing strategies to fill gaps in competencies; (4) being able to address administrative and educational requirements, and, (5) monitoring and evaluating progress in achieving goals.

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