Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Department of Defense needs to use new controls in

acquiring and developing software, the General Accounting


Office has said.

After studying the acquisitions and development processes

in various military programs, its found that successful

managers use three fundamental strategies to ensure quality

and stay on schedule and within budget: working in an

evolutionary environment where expectations are realistic

and improvements incremental, following a disciplined

development process, and measuring progress in a meaningful

way by focusing on cost, schedule, project size, performance

requirements, testing, defects, and quality.

Such controls were the difference between successful programs

GAO looked at, such as those for the F/A-18 C/D fighter and

the Tomahawk missile, and programs facing schedule delays

and cost overruns, as in the case of the F/A-22 aircraft, a

space-based infrared system, a missile-detection satellite

system, and Comanche helicopters.

DoD’s plans to improve software programs are not yet complete

and more work is required to ensure controls that would help

managers increase the chances of successful acquisition

outcomes, said GAO. www.gao.gov