Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Volcker Alliance, a good-government group, has launched a Government-to-University Initiative, focused on “building connections between government and universities to strengthen alignment on recruitment, skills development, and research.”

The project, beginning with a series of regional collaborative design sessions in four cities, will include partnering with universities, civic groups and government agencies to “identify replicable best practices, initiate local cross-sector projects, and build a network of leaders committed to bringing the two sectors closer together,” it said.


Participants are to include university administrators, faculty, students, recent graduates, program and hiring managers from all levels of government, good government advocates and subject matter experts.

“Our goal is that by convening this diverse set of stakeholders we will help increase the flow of talent into government and generate impactful research that is mutually beneficial and supports overall government effectiveness,” it said.

Schedules and other information are on the Volcker Alliance site.