Federal Manager's Daily Report

Two good-government groups have said that the recently signed defense authorization bill (P.L. 115-232) “takes one step toward a much-needed modernization of the civil service system.”

The Volcker Alliance and the Partnership for Public Service said that several of the provisions in the measure reflect recommendations they have made in their joint Renewing America’s Civil Service initiative to improve how the government recruits, develops and manages its workforce.


These include new government-wide provisions for expediting hiring of college students and recent graduates; giving agencies more discretion in determining recruitment sources and processes for soliciting applicants; and greater flexibility in setting minimum numbers of candidates referred to hiring managers.

The measure also contains DoD-specific language giving it greater direct-hire authority.

“Federal agencies have struggled to attract young, highly talented people to the workforce and this problem must be addressed given the aging federal workforce. I am pleased President Trump and Congress have acknowledged this issue and taken some important initial steps to improving its slow, often overly bureaucratic system,” said Thomas W. Ross, president of the Volcker Alliance.