Federal Manager's Daily Report

The GSA has awarded contracts for its next generation of government charge card and payment solutions, SmartPay 3, to Citibank and U.S. Bank, extending as long as through the year 2031 if all options are exercised.

The program includes purchase, travel, fleet, and integrated charge card services and related payment solutions, which include chip-enabled charge cards, virtual accounts, single-use accounts, and declining balance accounts.

The current SmartPay 2 contracts will expire on November 29, 2018; agencies can now begin the competition and process for awarding their task orders under the SmartPay 3 contracts, GSA said.

It said that in fiscal 2016, agencies made 91 million transactions totaling $28.5 billion and earned more than $3 billion in refunds. Total refunds since SmartPay began in 1998 exceed $28 billion, it said.