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Agencies should consider “reimagining their future workplaces” as part of the planning for long-run changes to the federal workplace under a joint OMB-OPM-GSA memo, the GSA said in its section of that memo.

While rates of telework and remote work are expected to remain higher than before the pandemic, “some degree of onsite work will continue to be essential” but agencies should review how that space fits with changing agency missions as well as local factors such as commuting and the need for in-person access to the federal offices there.


Where agencies find they have excess space, it adds, they should identify opportunities to share with other nearby agencies, which would hold down the “cost to design, build, and maintain space that is similar across agencies. It can also provide flexibility to deal with the uncertainty of future real estate needs.”

Agencies also should consider “untethering federal work from geographic locations and/or specific buildings,” which would help agencies “recruit from a larger talent pool reflecting the talents of individuals all across America, and allowing employees to choose to live where it best suits them.”

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