Federal Manager's Daily Report

GSA is forming a community of practice for robotic process automation to “allow federal government leaders to explore opportunities, share ideas, and collaborate on how RPA can be effectively implemented in their respective agencies.”

“With the advancements in emerging technology, it’s important for the federal government to capitalize on technological solutions in order to obtain the benefits of cost-effectively automating manual, repetitive, and rule-based operations. Many agencies are currently piloting RPA or already have bots in production, but so much more can be learned, accomplished, and shared with the collective efforts of industry and government,” said a blog posting.


“By creating a RPA CoP, the federal government can reduce duplication and streamline efforts to implement RPA across government to help advance agency missions today, and into the future,” it said.

It said the initiative aligns with the President’s Management Agenda goal to move employees to higher-value work and will improve efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining quality of service and reduce processing errors and process cycle times.

For further information email rpa@gsa.gov.