Federal Manager's Daily Report

GSA’s “10X” program, an idea incubator that examines suggestions from federal employees about potential uses of technology to improve the government’s service to the public, has selected nearly two dozen for further study.

“These ideas will receive phased funding to build technology for the public good and align with government-wide priorities of rebuilding public trust with the government, protecting the environment, and promoting equitable public service,” the GSA said.


Among the ideas to be pursued are:

• developing a handbook or toolkit for federal agencies to use in hiring technology professionals;

• making it easier for those in poverty to find and apply for government benefits to which they may be entitled;

• creating a central resource to support individuals leaving prison reach nonprofit organizations dedicated to supporting their reentry;

• creating a self-service tool to help entrepreneurs navigate the federal procurement process;

• developing resources to help agencies track and reduce their carbon footprints; and

• using artificial intelligence to find duplicative content on federal websites and help agencies reduce it.


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