Federal Manager's Daily Report

GSA has issued guidance to agencies on steps to take if they suspect a workplace has been contaminated by the Coronavirus, guidance that comes as some 500 federal buildings have been either fully or partially closed.

It says that if employees are confirmed or suspected to have covid-19, they are to stay home and notify their supervisors, who then “must notify their appropriate agency representative and facility manager immediately, so steps can be taken to clean and disinfect that portion of the facility accessed by the infected individual(s).”


“The ability to contaminate surfaces in a space is not entirely dependent on time. The symptoms of the person and type of interaction while in a space are more important when evaluating prolonged contact.”

It adds: “Generally, the need and extent of cleaning and disinfecting will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to assess risk in accordance with CDC guidance. The portion of the facility accessed by the infected individual(s) will be cleaned and disinfected. All environmental cleaning and disinfecting will follow CDC’s guidance.

“For federally owned facilities under GSA’s jurisdiction, custody or control, cleaning and disinfecting is handled through an independent contract, service contract or other similar means. Incidents in facilities leased by GSA leases will be coordinated through the lessor. Incidents at fully delegated buildings will be handled by the customer agency that has been delegated such authority.

“Most GSA leases have provisions outlining standardized janitorial requirements. The lessor is responsible for routine cleaning of the space in accordance with the terms of the lease. In federally owned and leased facilities, GSA will provide cleaning services requested by customers that include, but are not limited to, the following: additional cleaning services that exceed the recommended CDC protocol, increased frequency of cleaning services and the use of special cleaning supplies and materials. The requesting customer will pay for such services through a reimbursable work authorization. If you have a question about custodial operations, please contact your lease administration manager, property manager or facilities manager.”

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