Federal Manager's Daily Report

GSA has issued a 15-year $50 billion Enterprise Infrastructure Solution contract to replace the existing Networx and regional contracts for government-wide telecommunications, infrastructure, and IT services.

“The award of EIS is a major milestone that demonstrates GSA’s continuing commitment to giving federal agencies forward-leaning and flexible contract solutions that are designed in collaboration with our industry partners and provide streamlined access to mission-essential, cutting-edge services,” GSA said in the announcement.

It called EIS “a comprehensive solutions-based vehicle that addresses all aspects of federal agencies’ information technology, telecommunications, and infrastructure requirements. EIS was designed to provide secure government telecommunications infrastructure services in compliance with OMB security policies.”

EIS is the fourth generation of GSA contracts for telecommunications services to the federal government. For continuity purposes during the transition, GSA has extended the Networx contracts and the Regional LSA contract until 2020. GSA has developed guidance and assistance plans for agencies’ transition to EIS.