Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Federal Acquisition Service did not ensure that more than a dozen contract employees had received favorable background investigation determinations before providing them with access to sensitive government information, systems and facilities, the IG at GSA has said.

The IG issued an interim memo to agency management while continuing an audit of the Transition Ordering Assistance task order that supports agencies as they transition to Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions from expiring Networx contracts for telecommunications and IT infrastructure services.


To begin work under the TOA task order, contract employees must first receive a favorable clearance determination from OPM, but FAS “has spent more than $675,000 for work performed by contract employees who had not received the required determinations, thereby placing FAS and its customer agencies at risk,” it said.

It recounted one instance of a contractor employee being removed after GSA discovered that the employee had worked for a number of months without a clearance, with access to government information during that time.